Monitoring With Prometheus.
Coming in 2018.

Learn how to implement metrics-centric monitoring with Prometheus.

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Prometheus for monitoring

Teaches you how to use Prometheus to monitor hosts, applications and services. We cover installation, basic monitoring, service discovery, alerting, log monitoring, scaling and visualization.

Monitoring & Metrics

Includes introducing you to monitoring basics, methodologies and approaches. Learn how to monitor in a metric-centric world including building dynamic thresholds, basic anomaly detection and monitoring aggregation and federation. We'll look at how to apply modern patterns like the The Four Golden Signals, the The USE method, and the RED method.

Kubernetes & Containers

We cover monitoring Kubernetes, Docker, and containers. We focus on the particular challenges of monitoring highly dynamic, transitory environments and new architectures like microservices.


We focus on monitoring in the Cloud, including looking at service discovery and monitoring for Cloud platforms.

Book chapters

Chapter 1 - Introduction to monitoring
Chapter 2 - Introduction to Prometheus
Chapter 3 - Installing and Getting Started
Chapter 4 - Monitoring hosts and containers
Chapter 5 - Service Discovery
Chapter 6 - Alerting
More to come ...

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About the author.

James Turnbull is an engineer and the author of numerous technical books about engineering and infrastructure. He is a long-time member of the open source community, working on tools like Docker, Puppet, and Riemann.

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